Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Album To Help Raise Funds For Canine Cancer

In honor of Dingo, his dad Mark is raising funds on to help complete his new CD to help raise funds for canine cancer research.

The new album titled "Little Sun" is a collection of songs inspired by the life of Dingo who lost his valiant battle with canine lymphoma. Dingo was truly an amazing creature who entered our universe for too short a time, touching all around him in ways I never thought possible. He was a daredevil, lover of life, pals with every human he met, best friend and star of the neighborhood. The journey of Dingo's last six months are partially documented in this blog.

Mark's goal on is to raise $5,000.00 to hire the remaining musicians needed to complete the project. With Kickstarter and your help I can make that goal a reality. Check out his campaign, donate and receive cool pledge gifts as a way of me saying thanks for your support. He only has 30 days from today to pull off his goal, and unfortunately if he doesn't reach the set amount by March 17th, the project won't get funded.

Once the album is completed the goal is to donate a portion of the proceeds from album sales to a charitable organization working on the issue of canine cancer.

Take a moment to watch the promo video Mark put together for his campaign and pledge if you care to contribute. To help spread the word you can use this link