Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Squirrel Sets Up Home in Dingo's Yard

Okay, now these squirrels have gone to far!

This morning I was rudely arisen from my sleep to find one of those furry little varmints setting up home by building a nest outside the window. Can you believe the nerve? I did my best to get them off the property by doing my 'squirrel-be-gone' dance and barking for it to "get off of my property", with no luck. That critter kept running up and down the tree wagging it's tail at me with defiance.

I jumped into my owner Mark's lap and we both watched through the window as the horror unfolded. You know squirrels really bring down the neighborhood and I won't be able to sleep knowing one is living right above my roof.

If any one has any advise or experience in dealing with such matters please contact me. I'm desperate to get this problem under control.


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