Monday, June 8, 2009

Dingo's New Friend Ella

Hello, all of you, this is Dingo again.

Things have been going great for me these days. My doctor says I've been responding very well to my chemo, and I'm at the point where we can spread out treatments to every other week. Yeah!!! Over all I've been doing great and have gotten back to my regular routine of helping around the house and greeting guests.

Over the weekend I made a new friend. She's a very pretty girl named Ella from somewhere called England. I looked this place up on the interweb-thingy and found that it's really, really far. There's a whole bunch of land and that big blue swimming pool in between where she lives and my home. It must have taken her weeks to get here. I felt very special that she came all that way just to visit me.

My neighbor Peter took a photo of the two of us and I wanted to share with everyone to show just how sweet she is. Of course, I look as handsome as always.

We had a very nice visit together and Ella even learned how to play didgeridoo in our shop. Very talented girl. I'm impressed. I've tried playing the didg when no one is looking without any success. I guess I just don't have the lips for it.

I hope you made it home safely Ella, you're always welcome here and I'd love to visit your England one day.

Your friend,


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