Sunday, May 31, 2009

To B.A.R.F Or Not To B.A.R.F

To B.A.R.F Or Not To B.A.R.F., that is the current question.

No, this is not just a crass headline intended to grab attention, it's actually a serious nutritional decision for pet owners who have animals with major illnesses.

B.A.R.F. stand for 'Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods' and from what I've researched online should consist of 75% meat and 25% fruit/veggies. Dingo has been getting about this ratio in his home cooked meals already, but I've begun wondering if it might be of some benefit to try the raw approach. The diet must be based on human grade whole foods including raw meat, finely ground bones, offal and other healthy ingredients. However, from what Dingo's vet has said, caution must be taken when purchasing meats. Most commercially raised animals in the US are loaded with chemicals and hormones that could do more harm than good. So I'm reluctant to go this route.

I discovered this site (I know BARF WORLD, what a name), and it has some great information. What I think I'll do is make a visit to my favorite health food store for pets Pets Naturally, and ask their opinion on the issue. The owner has lived through an experience with her dog having cancer and she's been very helpful so far.

Will report back with news in a later post.

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  1. Hi! I ran across your blog and am happy to hear that you're researching a raw meat diet for Dingo.

    From what I understand, he suffers from lymphoma but is currently in remission, is that right? I wanted to tell you that we have had great success with pets suffering from various types of cancer. A raw diet can improve the immune system of your pet to help fight the disease. A strong immune system is key for pets that have undergone chemotherapy.

    If you have any questions about the BARF diet for Dingo, please email me at

    I would like to send you a copy of Rob's new book: Living Enzymes - The World's Best Kept Pet Food Secret. This will help answer many of the questions that you may have about raw diets for pets.

    I salute you in your quest to perfect pet health. Good luck!