Saturday, May 2, 2009

Another 'My Bad' Moment

Happy Saturday to all my two legged friends!

I just wanted to report in personally after the good news the doctor gave me Thursday. It was a relief to hear that my cancer may be going into remission. I've been feeling great the past week, much more like my usual self. So 'paws crossed' that the chemotherapy treatment is working.

I did unfortunately have another 'my bad' moment. If you read in my blog post from two weeks ago, one of my medications caused me to wee in my sleep. Very embarrassing since I'm no puppy. Well unfortunately, I did it once again, waking up to a wet spot on my parent's bed. I got up early and called Doctor Norman to explain what happened and he told me that it was probably due to my Prednisone pills and I should cut the dosage in half. Hopefully this will stop my bed wetting from happening again.

As a side note, would someone please create a phone that's more dog friendly! I tell you, it's really difficult for us to push these tiny buttons with our big paws. I misdialed three times and got a pizza place, the Liechtenstein Consulate, and something called Miss Kitty's Massage Parlor. The last one was the weirdest, I mean really, who'd want a cat giving them a massage? Yuck! And, what's a happy ending anyway? I don't get it.

Since I wanted to take care of the problem myself, and not wake anyone, I snuck the sheets off the bed and headed down to something called a 'Laundromat'. It took me forever to drag the bed spread to the car and even longer for a crash course in how to drive. I had watched Mark and Barry move this big metal box around the road countless times and always through, how difficult could it be. Boy was I mistaken. Just getting my paw down to the gas and brake pedal was a challenge let alone learning how to steer.

So, this is how I spent my early Saturday morning, staring at this funny machine waiting for the bedspread to dry. It gave me time to people watch as they shuffled through their morning routines. It made me wonder about what trials and tribulations each of them might be dealing with at this moment. So many people, so many stories.

Well I don't want to get to deep and philosophical so early in the morning. Just wanted to update you all and say thanks for your support.

You pal always,


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  1. Hi Dingo

    It is so good to see you looking so perky. Don't be embarrassed about wetting the bed, even the best of us have accidents. Your dad even had accidents when he was little.

    You are really becoming a smart dog. You will have to take me for a ride the next time I visit.

    Love Ya Bunches!

    Grandma D