Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dingo's Squirrel Trouble

Hello to all my friends across the 'inter-web thingy'. It's me, Dingo.

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I've been having so much fun being a dog the last couple weeks, that there hasn't been time to sneak back onto the computer machine to write everyone a note.

Now that I've been given the good news that my canine lymphoma has gone into remission, I have gotten back to work. One of my daily jobs is protecting our yard from the pesky group of grey squirrels that like to play in our trees. I'd say we have what could classically be called, a serious 'squirrel problem'.

I wake up most mornings to find our backyard trees have been invaded by dozens the furry tailed critters the trees, chirping and making a serious racket. It wouldn't be so bad if was just one, but they seem to come from everywhere. Above the street there are some funny wires that these guys use to get around the neighborhood. This is the way they get into our yard.

I've included some video footage to show everyone just how troublesome these cutesy-faced creatures can be. Look closely at how they mock me with their bushy tails and deadpan stares.

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