Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dingo Portrait By Pete

Hello everyone, it's Dingo!

When the exhausting demands of my job (squirrel patrol and toy burying) get to be too much, one of my favorite places to get away from it all is right next door. The place is Pete and Rachel's house who are some of my best friends. They take care of me when Mark and Barry are away doing important 'people things'. As difficult as it is to see my parents leave, staying with Pete and Rachel is a treat. I always look forward to my visits with them as they give me lots of love and attention plus let lay on their big comfy couch while we all watch movies and have snacks.

While out on a walk late one afternoon, Pete took this photo of me on his camera-thingy. I loved it so much I wanted to share with everyone. I think it captures my more dramatic side as if I'm reflecting briefly on the past while moving forward into a promising future.

Thanks Pete and Rachel for being such good friends.

Your buddy,


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