Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another Night Waiting and Watching Dingo

Made an appointment with Dingo's vet today. It was very last minute, but fortunately she was able to get him in at 5:30. Once again he had another bag of intravenous fluids and his anti-nausea shot, the same routine as the last two times. Now it's fingers crossed to see if it takes by morning and we wake to find Dingo at the door ready for breakfast, pestering me to get my shoes on for our routine drive to the local coffee house for the daily hunt. Muffins for me and squirrels for him.

It's always so hard to read him in this state. One minute he's down and without much energy, then next he's up wandering around greeting a guest who stopped by to say hello. Although, he's always the perfect host and greets everyone at the door, making them feel welcome regardless of how bad he might be feeling. Part of the day he spent running around the yard making sure all was in the right order, and even got in a good howl at a fire engine down the hill. That's always music to our ears.

Right now he's having trouble keeping liquids down again, though he is showing some restrained interest in food. He's obviously too nauseous at the moment but his food is there when he's ready.

I never sleep much on these nights.

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