Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Update From Dingo

Hello world, it's Dingo,

I know, once again it's been a long time between my posts on the computer-machine. To be honest, I've been reveling in being healthy the last couple months, enjoying quality time with Mark, Barry and my other close friends. During all this up time, I regret having neglected my need to communicate with the outside world. I'll try to be more diligent!

Unfortunately, I did have another small bump in the road this past Friday. Once again it was a case of not being unable to keep food or water down for more than 24 hours, resulting with me having no energy to play or move around the house. However, after an emergency trip to the vet for more intravenous fluids and nausea medicine, I fortunately was able to get back up on all four paws to prove, once again, I was stronger than the cancer in my body.

The next day I was feeling much better and, to my delight, was treated with a trip to my favorite dog beach. While there I made some new dog friends including one spunky female who actually helped me get over the fear of getting my paws wet in the ocean. She was very sneaky about it, getting me to chase her in circles on the shore to the point where I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing. Before I knew it, the waves were lapping at my legs, and you know, it wasn't so bad. It was like big wet kisses with the sand tickling the bottoms of my paws! I kind of liked it. So I guess I can officially check that one off my 'To Do List'.

Be well everyone, and I'll be in touch soon!

Your buddy,


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