Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dingo's New Fashion Upgrade

After Dingo's recent visit to the vet, part of taking care of his current health problems is protecting his skin from abrasion. He has four wounds on his back, sized between a nickle and a silver dollar, caused by thinning of his skin from the Prednisone. His doctor had to shave the fur around each to make sure all were free from infection, leaving him looking as if he had a bad body waxing.

So I made a trip to Target to pick up some tank tops (turns out his a boys size Medium), figuring they would both protect the wounds from further damage, and also keep him from scaring the neighborhood when we go out for walks.

Dingo of course takes it all in stride. We've got him on internal and spray on antibiotics and everything is healing up nicely.

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