Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cancer Diet Update For Dingo

Just wanted to give a quick culinary update on our buddy's diet as there have been some changes in the past couple weeks. Again, this is for those who may find the information helpful when trying to navigate through everything posted online. Take it with a 'grain of salt', as I do want to clarify that these dietary steps are just what we've chosen for Dingo and may not be appropriate for your dog. Every pet needs a different ratio of nutrients and these should be calculated by talking to your vet.

Firstly, we're cooking all his food by hand, which is a real challenge, especially in the mornings. I've never had to prepare a daily breakfast for anyone, and Dingo being the early riser that he is, generally means I'm preparing his meals before 7AM. We're also mixing in supplements, as simply feeding him 'people food' isn't going to guarantee that his body will absorb everything it needs. All his food gets chopped up and finely grated for maximum digestion. From what we've learned, a dog's digestive tract is so short that food has a much more limited time in the body. So, the smaller the bits of food the better.

I've also been lucky enough to find a great natural pet food store just down the road called Pet's Naturally here in Sherman Oaks. The owner Marie really helped me pinpoint some supplements to help keep Dingo as healthy as possible. She's dealt with cancer in her own pets and her experience really helped in getting Dingo started on the right diet.

Sample of a delectable meal from Dingo's menu at
Chateau Dunn-Martin

3/4 Cup Ground Chicken (patted dry to remove fat)
1 Clove of Garlic (shredded)
1/2 Carrot (shredded)
1/8 Cup of Broccoli (finely chopped)
1 Slice of Apple
6-12 Edamame (Unsalted Soy beans)

Current supplements added to meal

1 tsp Colostrum (a supplement for the immune system)
1 tsp Daily Maintenance Powder (chock full of vitamins and minerals)
4 Drops of Vitamin E Oil
1/2 tsp of Poly MVA (given once a day)
1 tsp of Liquid Supplements (with Fulvic Acid, Zeolite, Quantocil and Deuterium Sulfazyme in Purified Water)

… and that’s it! Sounds yummy doesn’t it? Well at least Dingo thinks so.


  1. It is such an interesting diet, and what a different understanding about cancer cells and their nutritional needs. Thirty years ago when my husband had cancer and weeks of intensive chemo, the doctors were thrilled if he managed to eat anything -- they weren't fussy about food sources.

    The news about fats rather flies in the face of what women are told about breast cancer -- estrogen & fat having such a symbiotic relationship!

    I remember meeting Dingo as a young'un. He's grown into such a handsome and respectable fellow. I wish him all the best in his journey back to health.

  2. Hi Dingo,

    It's Kybe checking in to see how you're doing! Finally I can have the computer to myself because Joey finishes his food, then stands behind me waiting for me to finish mine or at least leave him some...which I always do and Pablo thinks he looks like a coffee table now - because of his double dose of meals!!! - anyway, gives me a chance to quickly sneak on the computer and say Hi.

    Not sure if you heard of my little scare over the weekend. I'm resting a lot now, very tired but I went into anaphylactic shock from a severe reaction to the vaccinations I was given. My normally, cute head swelled to about twice the size (I looked like an alien pug), I had hives all over my body, my heart was racing (and it wasn't from my usual romp with my chicken toy), I was vomiting and my airway passages were quickly closing. This all happened within 30 minutes of coming home. My parents were really scared. But the vet was wonderful and I got to have some alone time checking out all the babes in the back room which is always nice...gotta practice asking for phone numbers - Calabasas is full of hoochy, poochy mamma's!!! Anyway, I'm feeling better but it really is a wake up call - you just never know what's around the corner.
    I think about you often...Joey stopped stuffing his mouth for 2 seconds and asked me to say he thinks about you often too! Your diet sounds so much more interesting than the canned crap we get fed! Maybe one of these days, we can come over and experience some gourmet delights. And if you're back at the beach in Malibu, we can hang!!! You Digg! Sorry, that's me trying out my new ghetto tones...heard some rusty dog at the vet speaking like that but you're right - it doesn't suit me at all!

    Anyway, hope you are having a wonderful day!!!


  3. Hey Kybe,

    I heard from your dad about your trip to the vet after the bad reaction you had to your vaccination. So glad to hear you are feeling better. That's such a scary thing. Getting shots sucks and it's even worse when they make you sick. I hope you got an extra couple treats out of the deal once you were feeling better.

    Take care and hope to hang soon at your pad!