Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lymphoma Treatment Begins For Me

Hello again to those of you reading from behind this flat plastic screen. It's me, Dingo.

Well, the guys are away having something called 'sushi dinner' with the neighbors. I looked it up on the 'interweb' and it has something to do with raw fish! There's a food called Dragon Roll, which sounds funny, frightening and yummy all at the same time. Hopefully they'll bring some home for me to try.

While they are out I thought I'd sneak back onto the computer-machine and talk a little about the weekend, and my first two lymphoma treatments.

So even though I'm 5 and a half, it's always a little scary for me to go the vet. It smells weird, there's always doggy-drama and I never seem to be able to get out of there without a shot in my butt. However, the first treatment on Friday went so well that Monday's visit, when I got a shot of Asparaginase, was much easier to face. That Friday I had two shots. One was Prednisone for the inflimation in my stomach and the other Vincristine for my chemotherapy treatment. I heard the man in the blue shirt tell Mark that the shots might make me very sick that night. After hearing this I decided I needed to stay very brave for both he and Barry. They had already been through so much and I didn't want them to worry more. However, by the time I got home I was feeling great and I didn't get sick at all. Just the opposite. I was so starving after 2 weeks of not eating a bite that my stomach began to growl. The guys cooked up some hamburger, eggs and carrots for dinner and I just ate and ate and ate. They praised me and we played "steal the oven mitt", one of my all time favorite games.

Over the weekend we went to one of my favorite places to get away and contemplate life, the Peter Strauss Ranch. It gives me a chance to get out and reflect on what's important to me, especially lately after the news. There's nothing like the quiet and fresh air of nature to help one forget one's troubles.

While at the park, Mark made me do all sorts of embarrassing 'cutesy' dog poses to post on this blog. He's gone a little camera crazy since all this came down, but I bear with it because I know it makes him feel better. I have to admit I'm smiling in the pictures but secretly rolling my eyes when he's not looking. I selected the photo above to share however, as I really like it the best. I think he captured my adventurous spirit and curiosity. Time is short and you must explore every path while here as you never know what's treasure is around the corner.

Once again, yours truly.


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  1. Dingo,

    Me and my best gal pal Eva (The Beavie Meister)and my human friend Sal (who I make sure stays on track) are thinking of you. I wish I could smell your but and play a quick game of tag!

    Hang in there,
    Niko (The Big Guy)