Sunday, April 5, 2009

My First Blog Entry - By Dingo Dunn-Martin

First of all let me introduce myself. The name's Dingo. I like to consider myself your average, fun loving . . . well, some would say dog, though I'd quickly beg to argue with any who use that label with me. Lets just say in my mind I may be canine, but I'm as much a 'person' as the next guy on the block. I'm a Beagle-Shepherd mix, 5 1/2 year old, living in Los Angeles, California under the watchful care of two guys very dear to me. Their names are Barry and Mark and I have lived with them since Christmas 2003. I don't really remember much before this home, and unfortunately I never really knew my birth parents, but that's a story for another time.

I'm writing this blog, even though I don't entirely understand what a blog actually is, to any one who might care to read my thoughts. What's fresh on my mind is my recent diagnosis of lymphoma, a common cancer in four footed creatures like myself. The news is still reeling in my mind, but I've had several days to deal with the shock and move one step forward.

So it seems there are a dozen or so breeds of us 'dogs' particularly susceptible to this nasty disease. Unfortunately my Beagle-Shepherd cross mix happens to be two of those on the list. Just my luck. Now, now I don't want to dwell or pull at your heartstrings for pity, I just figured if there is going to be a blog written about me and my experiences during this time in my life, then I should certainly have some input. Who better to give you the inside story than the dog, er, excuse me . . . person himself.

I apologize in advance for my very basic typing skills. You'll have to bear with me as poking at this strange board with all these plastic pieces is quite difficult for those of us with paws. If I make mistakes be kind. I've just recently learned the whole 'alphabet thing' and have to hunt-and-peck my way through each word. Plus constantly having to refer to that Wikipedia site to make sure I understand your language correctly really slows me down. Also, I must be stealthy in my use of this funny computer-machine thingy and type only when my owners aren't around. Wouldn't want to freak the poor guys out and have them find me writing to strangers on the internet. If they knew their faithful four legged friend had talents beyond just chasing a ball they'd have me up all night writing all their personal . . . emails I think they're called.

So this first entry is really just an quick hello to the world and for me to get used to this crazy blogging thing. Quite frankly I don't understand the human preoccupation with communication through this flat screen and metal box. I've always preferred the more traditional methods of getting my message across through a good sniff of a butt or a healthy pee in the neighborhood. But as you all seem to like this method we'll run with it. I'll have more to say in . . .

Oops... got to go. I think the guys have just come home.

Until next time.

Yours truly,



  1. Dingo your a beautful boy.....your daddy is very nice and you will be fine blessings

    aunt kelly

  2. i knew animals could get cancer my cat Zem had kitty cat cancer...they never did figure out what kind...but he is sorely missed by me and his gramma....keep up the positive attitude dingo! we are pulling for ya!