Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dingo's New Cancer Diet

Ever since Dingo's lymphoma diagnosis, we've spent numerous hours pouring over countless sites on the subject. We've amassed a lot of information on the disease, traditional and alternative treatments and diet plans. If you've been through this before then you know it's an overwhelming and sometimes frustrating process. There's so much data floating around out there and unfortunately, it often seems to conflict. We thought we'd begin posting details Dingo's new program for those looking for information.

This first post is on Dingo's new diet. We've made the decision to keep him away from grains (complex carbohydrates) as much as possible. The reasoning for this is explained in the excerpt below I found online by R.M. Clemmons, DVM, PhD, and was confirmed by Dingo's vet.

Although eating healthy is the best tool in the fight against cancer, once cancer takes hold certain dietary changes may be help the patient fight against the effects of the cancer. Tumor cells rely heavily upon carbohydrates for their energy and rob the body of amino acids. On the other hand, tumor cells cannot utilize lipids (fats) for energy while the rest of the body can. As such, diets with increased fat content may slow tumor growth, allowing the patient to fight against the tumor. Protein content must be maintained a levels sufficient for tissue repair, but carbohydrates should be held to a minimum. For those who prefer to prepare their dogs food, the following diet contains the ingredients important for cancer patients. In addition, it supplies the important nutrients for cancer protection. For those who can not cook for their dog, a commercial food should be of good quality, moderate protein (18-22%) content, low carbohydrate (3-13%) content, and high fat (55-60%) content.

As a result we've stopped feeding him commercial dog food as many use wheat, rice or corn as filler. He's now getting home prepared and cooked meals that are high protein. The list below represents his current 'Menu'. We laugh because he's now eating better than us at times.

Meat – chunked or ground (beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, pork, etc.)

Vegetables – (broccoli, spinach, celery, bok choy, carrot, capsicum)

Fruit – (whole apple, whole pear, whole grapefruit, whole orange)

Other Goodies – Whole egg, flax seed, garlic, kelp, alfalfa

Hope this information helps those looking for answers when dealing with their own pets struggle with cancer. I highly recommend you confirm this or any information you find on the subject with your own vet to make the best choices for your pal.


  1. Hi Dingo!

    It's Joey and Kybe! We heard you're doing great lately and we got so excited, we peed all over the house ("actually, I do that everyday" Kybe).
    Your blog is amazing (it brought tears to our mommy's eyes) - we only know one "C" word - and that's 'Cat' so it's important to know more words (cause we dogs are highly intelligent and always desire to learn more!). Your Daddy's are great - they make all of us realize it's important to live in the moment and make everyday special.
    We love reading your stories and want to hear updates everyday! (mommy reads them to us while we're sitting on her lap!).
    P.S You're very photogenic!!!
    P.P.S We may not be able to talk but we dogs sure can write!!!

  2. Joey and Kybe,

    Thanks so much for following my blog. It's nice to know I have some other pups interested in what I have to say. I hear from your dad and mom that you are both pretty cool dogs. Maybe some day we could have a play date.

    Take it easy


  3. well...I am not a dog but you eat better than I do...but I do put flax seeds in salads and stuff as it is good for my hair and skin .....

    love ya
    Aunti Kelly