Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Ruff 24 Hours

Hello again, it's Dingo.

Well it's been a full week since I started my chemo treatment, and up until yesterday it hasn't been too bad. I've mostly felt like my usual playful self, despite the doctor's warnings that I may not react well to those medications. The only weird thing that happeded was I wet the bed in my sleep one night. Very embarrassing! I must have been dreaming of the ocean.

However, I wasn't so lucky this time around as the most recent shot I got from the doctor really didn't agree with me and has been very hard on my system. Yesterday my shot was Cyclophosphamide which is the final in my trio.

I woke up Mark around 3 AM feeling very strange and he walked me down to the backyard. All I could do was pace around in a fog, my head cloudy from the drug. After about half an hour I threw up my dinner and then just found a place to lie down to recoup and enjoy the night air. Dad and I sat together until I was ready to go back inside, and he spent the rest of the night looking over me as my behavior was pretty erratic. I'm sure I freaked him out.

Today, most of my time has been spent sleeping but I did manage to get a scrambled egg down this morning and a little hamburger for lunch. Hopefully tomorrow I'll wake up feeling myself again.

Signing off for now and heading back to bed.



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