Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Big Day At The Beach

Hello again from Dingo,

Thanks to those who called or sent email messages when they read I was feeling down after my last chemotherapy shot. I wanted to sneak back online just to let everyone know I'm feeling much better now after a 'ruff' couple of days.

As a way of celebrating me being back on my paws, Mark and my Auntie 'T' took me to the beach, my absolute, number 1, favorite place to play! I can't explain it, but the minute I smell the salt air, see the waves through the open car window, something comes over me. The open sea seems to beckon me like an old friend, calling out to me to play together. I often wonder if I was a sailor in a past life.

No matter how much I pace in the back seat or whine to go faster, we can't get there soon enough. We visited Auntie T's favorite Leo Carrillo Beach north of a place called Malibu. Funny name! They have a small section where four-legged people like me can play together. The sand felt great under my paws and made me forget my cancer troubles.

You can still see my surgery scar in this photo. So much for vanity!

I really need to learn more camera courtesy and not block others with my tail.

Once again the camera came out and I was forced to sit still when I'd rather be playing, but I know it's important to them so I gave them some of my best poses.

Here's a slideshow of Mark and I playing dodge-dog

At the end of the day, we all took a long walk down the beach as the sun edged closer to the water. It was my first sunset at the beach and it was really magic. With the fresh salt air in my nostrils and the waves lapping near my paws, I relished just being in the moment. Despite my illness, it reminded me of all the great things to treasure in life and why it's so good to be a dog.

My favorite photo of Mark and me.

Until next time.

yours truly,



  1. Hi Dingo

    I loved your beach pictures. It was nice of you to share your experience with your dad Mark and your auntie T. I wish I could have been with you to watch the sunset. You know how much grandma loooooves sunsets. We will have to take a trip to the beach the next time I visit. So glad to see your little ears perked up and to hear that you are feeling better.

    See Ya Soon


    Grandma D

  2. Hi Dingo! OMG, I remember Leo Carrillo beach from when I was growing up. Sure looks like you two were having fun. I'm glad to see you back up on your feet--I mean paws. Maybe I can come see you next time I come out to visit my mom.